Sustainability represents for us a competitive advantage, it is not just an in instant-trend.

We take sustainability seriously and offer our expertise to guide you through the creation and realization of a sustainable package, suitable for product storage with respect for the environment.

Packaging plays a key role in modern-day life. Without it, most products would expire or would be damaged before reaching shops. Nonetheless, it is often considered one of the worst enemies of our planet’s battle for sustainability, as it turns into waste soon after its use. Through the usage of recyclable and bio-degradable materials we commit to reducing packaging’s negative impact on the environment, benefitting continuously of its numerous properties from a circular economy perspective.

"We firmly believe that only by making responsible choices will we be able to safeguard our planet's resources and we are committed to providing active support to future generations".

Marcello Fornaro

Sustainability requires rethinking, rebuilding and renovating efforts under all packaging aspects: social, environmental, and economical. Our aim is to create sustainable packaging solutions and support our clients in the development of an implementation plan for recyclable and eco-compatible packaging.

It’s a challenge we face daily, designing innovative solutions that support our customers in optimizing their packaging in order to eliminate waste, minimize over-packaging and increase recycling.

Sustainable packaging is first of all packaging that respects the environment, is socially acceptable and functional for both the producer and the final customer. For customers who, like us, consider sustainability an important objective and who are looking for recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging, we have mono-material packaging, entirely in PE or PP Cellulosic.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers the reduction of resources one of the most effective strategies in terms of sustainable packaging.

In fact, the lightening of packaging represents the main example of a reduction of usable resources, which has the following strengths:

  • Reduction of the consumption of natural resources
  • Reduction of energy impact
  • Reduction of pollution
  • Reduction of toxicity of our waste

Our mission has therefore becomes to provide our customers with a variety of environmentally friendly packaging options. Our proposals include:

  • Post-consumer recycled materials (PCR)
  • Post-industrial recycled materials
  • Multilayer films in compostable PLA
  • Bio-degradable cellulosic multilayer films
  • Material structures made entirely of PE or PP for recyclability.

Packaging for your products can also be made from materials derived from renewable resources, including cellulose/paper.

Among the various solutions listed, we also include packaging made with Polyolefins containing up to 90% of post-consumer recycling resin (PCR) in PE or PP

We therefore want to make our customers aware of a topic dear to us, which we implement daily in our business: the "4R" Rule.