Innovation & Performance

Choosing the consultancy offered by Next Generation Packaging, your product will be packaged with innovative and high-performing materials with regard to the environment.

Each proposal is formulated in compliance with legal requirements and European certifications

As mentioned, our goal is to support our customers by providing them with legally compliant, certified, and environmentally friendly proposals with sustainable packaging and in compliance with the rule of the 4 R's: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, and REFUSE.

Next Generation Packaging supports its partners and customers by taking care of all aspects related to the realization of the finished pack: from the study of the graphics to the evaluations of the most suitable materials for the finished product through research and development on the various European and non-European markets.

With particular attention to the various European and non-European legislations. And thus identifying the best performing and sustainable materials that can be printed in flexo and gravure. Thus, starting from the product to being packaged, we will continue to satisfy our customers with the best solutions from the aspect of shelf-life, printing quality, and research of cutting-edge materials, always guaranteeing the best pricing on the market.


With the main objective of offering our customers the best service in the market, in terms of production efficiency and cost, we are supported by Partners specializing in the:
Rotogravure Printing (10 colors)
Flexography Printing (10 colors +1 roto)