As Next Generation Packaging, we assist our clients and partners curating all the steps of realization of the finished pack. Starting from the study on graphics up to the analysis of technologies currently used by our client, offering highest performing and sustainable materials that can be printed both in flexography and rotogravure.

Our strength resides in the capability to satisfy and retain our clients by means of tailor-made consultancies for their products.

Over the past 30 years we have supported our clients, developing the best solutions concerning shelf-life, quality of print and research of cutting-edge materials, constantly guaranteeing the best pricing on the market.

Marcello Fornaro
Founder & CEO

Through the decade-long collaboration with European packaging companies, we have developed different types of material considered 100% bio-degradable.

Within these structures present proportion recycled post-consumer and post-industrial.

Here the main materials we have developed:



1. 100% compostable cellulosic materials



2. Bio-based compostable materials



100% recyclable material PE based mono film and laminate (BOPE, MDOPE + PE, PE-LD, PE-HD) with variable PE post-consumer or post-industrial recycled material percentage.



- 100% recyclable PP based mono film and laminate materials BOPP, BOP-PCOEX, CPP materials with variable PP post-consumer or post-industrial recycled material percentage