Innovation & Performance

Next generation packaging was born as a consultancy and representation company in the flexible packaging sector with a focus on food, which represents the number one business for sales and clients. In the perspective of always being strongly competitive and cutting-edge in flexible packaging new technologies, Next Generation Packaging has as its main goal to offer the client researched solutions that are custom built on the necessities of products in terms of efficacy and technical performance. Sustainability and respect for the environment through continuous research of eco-compatible solutions and low-impact materials are key elements in such work. All the above combining 30-year of experience in the food sector of its founder and the last-generation approach to packaging of its young team.


Our mission is to offer a tailor-made consultancy service for each development step. Given our long-standing experience we are able to combine an offer of innovative materials and the research of eco-compatible solutions for your product, raising the final client’s awareness towards a sustainable and environment-friendly future. Next Generation Packaging helps its partners and clients curating each step of creation of the final pack. Starting from the graphic analysis all the way to the technology analysis already used by the client, offering more performative and sustainable materials, printed both in flexography and rotogravure. Our strength resides in the ability to satisfy and retain our clients, by means of tailor-made consultancy for their products. Over more than 30 years we have supported our clients developing the best solutions for shelf-life, print quality and research of cutting-edge materials, always guaranteeing the best pricing on the market. All the above through continuous research and development on the European and American market, according to the different areas of interest and in compliance with the current legislation on the various markets.
Furthermore, we commit to transmit to the client our responsibility toward the environment, which translates in the use of sustainable packaging in compliance with the rule of the 4 Rs: Restore, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.
In line with our sustainable intents, we have thus created synergies with European packaging companies, developing cellulose-based materials and compostable bio-based materials as well as mono-material laminated film that may often contain recycled material derived from post consume or post-industrials. Through the collaboration with American and Dutch partners, we have perfectioned the development of new packaging material, capable of transforming electromagnetic energy (Microwave) in heat (Film Sceptor) making food suitable for microwave cooking with a crispy result.
Main markets we operate in
Our company has a long standing 30-year experience in the flexible packaging field with a focus on the food sector, positioning itself as the first business for revenue and clients. We offer our consultancy and our expertise to market-leading companies in the fresh products segment, as well as those in coffee and drinks, bakery, snacks including pet food.
Guiding our customers in choosing the most suitable materials, and providing them with certified proposals, in compliance with the regulations in force in the various countries is part of our vision. What truly distinguishes us from other players is our technical know-how, which allows us to lead our clients in the use of sustainable packaging and in accordance with the rule of the 4 Rs: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, REFUSE. Moreover, each of our offers are formulated according to legal requirements, in compliance with current laws and with main European certifications as well of those from outside the EU, with a global viewpoint. As Next Generation we offer our clients and partners constant technical support, through targeted consultancies which are custom built for each product. From graphic industrialization to an evaluation on the most suitable material for your product, all the way to the production of the finished pack in accordance with the different areas of destination via research and development for the EU and US markets.