Circular Economy: the model for more sustainable development.

Referring to a circular economy model, based on the extension of the product life cycle and the use of recycled raw materials is undoubtedly the first step towards more sustainable management of environmental resources.  

Indeed, the adoption of the 4R rule and the promotion of a circular economy generate many tangible benefits, both for the market and for the environment. The founding principles can be summarized in:
The use of this model of economic development is a fundamental part of our corporate culture. The application of these principles in our business and the know-how we have acquired over the years about sustainability distinguishes us from other market players. 
We consider our mission to be concluded only when the product, correctly packaged, reaches the end user, is consumed and consciously recycled, for it to be put back into circulation.
This is why the Next-Generation will accompany you in choosing the most suitable sustainable packaging that will contain your products